Raila reveals Azimio’s growing distrust of Ruto administration

Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 01:10 | By
Raila Odinga during Azimio meeting in Nairobi on Wednesday, January 25, 2023. PHOTO/Raila Odinga/Twitter

Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya alliance leader Raila Odinga yesterday claimed the Kenya Kwanza government was skewed in favour of a few ethnic communities.

According to Raila, who was speaking in a radio interview, the last General Election polarised the country.

“This is why we are pushing for equity in the redistribution of national resources and opportunities,’’ he said.

Raila expressed concern on the current Cabinet composition, saying it was skewed in favour of one or two ethnic groups in a country with 44 tribes.

“This is the reason for the growing resentment against the government. Because even the parastatal jobs are not fairly distributed across the ethnic matrix,’’ he added. “Until such discrepancies are rationalised, Kenyans will fight on for democratic ideals and fair and administrative justice,” he said on ‘Ramogi FM’. 

Wide consultations

He, however, said there would be wide consultations to chart the destiny of Kenya.  

Raila has been on the warpath with President William Ruto, whom he accuses of poaching MPs from his party.

And Ruto, on the flip-side, has said he doesn’t need anyone’s permission to speak to elected leaders and to chart a development agenda.  The recent meeting between Ruto and a section of Nyanza MPs has sparked party disciplinary action.  

At the same time, Raila says the party has not received a formal resignation letter from disgruntled ODM chairman John Mbadi. But he was quick to add that Mbadi is free to leave, having served the party well for nine years, if he feels like so doing. “If he pens down (a letter), we will go ahead to pick a new person to take over and steer the party to the next level,’’ said Raila.

Mbadi has been in the news headlines expressing disappointment with the party and even affirming that he is no longer interested in the position.

Raila said Mbadi was acting out of anger after he disagreed with some people in the party, which is normal in a growing democracy. This could be the reason for his resentment, he added.

Raila, however, said that Mbadi is free to pave the way for new leadership but at the opportune time when the Orange party will hold its elections. 

“ODM plans to hold elections to pick new grassroots and national officials this year, so we can wait,’’ said Raila.

He termed such divergent expressions as signs of a growing democracy, meaning that people are able to express themselves well and be corrected swiftly where they are wrong.

Raila, who was speaking during World Radio Day, lauded the freedom of expression in Kenya and called for a free media, accountable to exercise its power and authority, by keeping the Executive in check.

Ruining economy 

Raila, at the same time, declared that he would not sit back and watch the government mess up the national economy.

“We have seen few ticks and wrongs in the current regime in the six months they have been in power. We must point out the woes to be fixed,’’ said Raila. 

He claimed that it was Ruto who had called for a robust opposition, and explained that they had issues with the government on elections, electoral reforms and democracy.

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