Raila tells off DP Ruto over parallel tallying centre plan

Wednesday, March 9th, 2022 00:00 | By
ODM leader Raila Odinga. PHOTO/COURTESY

Orange party leader Raila Odinga has hit out at his political nemesis Deputy President William Ruto over allegations that he will set up a parallel tallying centre for the August polls.

Raila who took his campaigns to Samburu in Wamba and Maralal town to woo the voters ahead of the August 9 polls said Ruto had sensed defeat and is now crying to the Western nations for help.

“He is already in panic mode. He is now planning to set up a parallel tallying centre. That is up to him,” said Raila.

Raila who is on a five-day vote hunting mission in Samburu, Wajir, Meru and Kisumu told residents of Samburu his administration will ensure the road infrastructure Rumuruti-Maralal-Baragoi-Loyangalani and from Laisamis-Loyangalani is completed. 

He said he is best suited to complete President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Jubilee projects, hitting out at Ruto saying he failed to fulfill the 2013 election pledges and cannot be trusted with the country’s leadership.

“He cannot be trusted with any project because he only promised and failed to fulfill the promises. He has become ‘Mr Promises’ who is giving promises not possible to achieve,” said Raila.

Raila while acknowledging the harsh conditions of the Samburu residents said his administration will ensure more water pans are constructed during the rainy seasons so that they can use during the dry spells.

Raila said that due to drought ravaging the county, there is a need to provide emergency food to the hunger-stricken people.

“I will reach out to President Uhuru Kenyatta so that food donations should be brought here as a matter of urgency. But this is just for emergencies. Long-term solution is to provide affordable farm inputs and fertiliser,” he said.

Leather tanneries

The former premier also promised the Samburu residents that his administration will put more funds so that they can establish leather tanneries and meat processing firms so that the locals can improve their livelihoods.

“We will ensure that a leather factory is built here so that hides from animals are processed here and the locals get employment. Because the Samburu people are pastoralists, we shall also set up a meat processing factory and build water pans for use during drought seasons,” said Raila.

The former prime minister further told the Samburu electorate the Yamo Dam water project will be completed so that the residents of Maralal and its get enough safe drinking water for both human and animal consumption.

“We will build enough water pans and complete the Yamo Dam water project by ensuring that piping is completed so that Maralal gets enough water for use. Such water projects will be replicated across the country.”

Accompanied by MPs Junet Mohamed (Suna East), Jude Njomo (Kiambu Town), Kanini Kega (Kieni), Naisula Lesuuda (Samburu West), Eve Obara (Kasipul), Gladys Wanga (Homa Bay), Maison Leshomo (Samburu), Florence Mutua (Busia) among others Raila said that his administration will ensure that no child is left out of school.

Drawing from his 10-point agenda for the nation, Raila charged that under his Babacare programme, all Kenyans will have access to free medical care irrespective of their social status, adding that Kenyans will be under the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).

Kega told off Ruto article 150 can be invoked against him for going to talk ill about Kenya abroad.

Kega challenged the DP to stop portraying the country in a bad light, adding that he occupies the second position in the land. “We can invoke article 150 of the Constitution. You cannot go abroad and talk ill of your country. The votes are here in Kenya not abroad,” said Kega.

Junet said that Ruto’s remarks in US and UK about vote-rigging was laughable since he has been the deputy president for nine years. “If you see someone crying to the whites, no that he has been cornered. Ruto is now crying abroad about rigging allegations. He has been cornered,” said Junet.

Raila further reiterated that his administration will offer a 7-year tax holiday for youth who are starting up small businesses.

He also maintained that should he be elected then he will fulfill his promise of Sh6,000 for the Social Protection Programme will be fulfilled.

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