Reopening Lamu schools laudable after terrorism threats

Friday, January 10th, 2020 00:00 | By
General Service Unit officers patrolling the restive Marsabit County after a past raid that left scores dead. Photo/PD/FILE

The reopening of five primary schools within the Boni forest in Lamu, which had been closed six years ago over terrorism threats, is a step in the right direction.

Whereas areas near the forest have come to be identified with negative reports of terror attacks, the move serves to show that Kenyans are unstoppable and are willing rise above their various challenges.

It is a testament that Kenyans have refused to be cowed and intimidated by evil forces that lurk within us, waiting to strike when least expected.

It is also a powerful statement that our lives must go on, regardless of the wishes of those who plan death and destruction even against innocent school children, as happened in Garissa county just five days ago.

It is just this sort of resilience that we need to duplicate in other sectors of our collective lives as Kenyans, safe in the knowledge that the ideals that define us will see us overcome whatever evil machinations the enemy may be planning.

Meanwhile, it is crucial that local inhabitants initiate endeavours to share with authorities any information that could help keep the merchants of death at bay.

That is because in some cases, the attackers have infiltrated our communities, which have helped them to plan their missions from within. 

In some cases, communities host known villains who visit terror on Kenyans, but hold back from reporting them. It is critical that the people point out suspicious elements among them.

Another approach is for the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the National Intelligence Service (NIS) to use undercover operatives to offer cash and other incentives for information on elements planning to visit evil and heinous activities on peace-loving wananchi.

Such information has been bought before, and this provides a better opportunity to get to the bottom of criminal elements, especially those bordering on terrorism.

It is a war that is being won, and the momentum must be sustained until the enemy is vanquished.

The good news from Boni Forest must be spread and help us boost positivity.  

Additionally, the government must boost security in to give learners, parents and teachers a sense of safety. 

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