Ruiru residents cry for help as criminals kill three

Thursday, March 26th, 2020 16:21 | By

Rising insecurity has alarmed Ruiru residents in Kiambu County who are now demanding action and transfer of all provincial administrators in the area.
In the past one month, there have been three brutal murders. These include the killing of a farmer, a boda boda rider and watchman.
The latest incident happened on Wednesday night at Kwihota village in Gatong'ora ward when the body of a 51-year-old Joseph Kiarie, a farmer was found dumped in his kales plantation.
Kiarie, a father of eight children was pelted with stones to death by a group of criminals who are reported to have been terrorizing residents in the area.
He is reported to have been guarding his farm on Wednesday night alongside a friend who managed to free the attack.
He was reacting to a series of theft cases in his farm that had seen him lose hundreds of thousands in produce.
His head had been mutilated with some parts removed after the criminals managed to tie his hands and legs leaving him without help.
“Kiarie does not fight back even when wronged. He was brutally murdered by a group of gang that has found a den in Kwihota village. We are tired of seeing our husbands killed on broad day light,” Elizabeth Wanjiku, a resident said.
James Njoroge, a neighbor and school mate to the deceased said that the criminals have been targeting men claiming that the area has been left with many windows resulting to suffering of many fatherless children.
The irate residents who demonstrated at the scene where Kiarie had been dumped pointed an accusing finger to Ruiru Provincial administration officers for failing to provide them with security and denying area MP Simon King’ara an opportunity to construct a police station in the area.
MP King’ara who led angry locals to eject area chief for failing to give land for construction of the station said that his office had set aside Sh 10 million for the construction noting that the delay had been caused by land contention between his office and that of the chief.
Furious King’ara accused the chief for thump-chesting the kind of developments that will happen in his jurisdiction but warned that locals have the final power.
“It’s sad that leaders expected to steer developments are in the forefront of fighting the same. This area’s chief is a disappointment to locals as he has failed to maintain order and security,” he said.

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