Ruling Jubilee Party expected to extend submission deadline 

Friday, March 4th, 2022 07:00 | By
Rigathi Gachagwa.

The top decision-making organ of the ruling Jubilee Party is today expected to consider extending the¬ deadline for aspirants seeking its tickets to submit their documentations and payments ahead of the primaries scheduled for later this month.

This follows what the party deputy secretary General Joshua Kutuny said was “as a result of overwhelming support from aspirants.”

Kutuny said that of Wednesday evening, the party had registered over 4,200 aspirants seeking various seats including governor, senator, MP and MCAs, and that more were still showing interest.

He said the party’s top officials will meet today to consider extending the period which lapses today to avoid locking out other aspirants.

Since last month, Jubilee has been on an aggressive campaign to revitalise itself, including rebranding, appointing of new officials as well as conducting grassroots campaigns.

“In the last few days, we have received thousands of applications for people eying governor’s seats, MPs, at least three in every constituency as well as MCAs seats.

As of yesterday (Wednesday), we had received 700 MPs’ aspirants and over 3,500 MCA aspirants and so we are thinking of extending our deadline so that we can give a chance to those who are still coming to us,” Kutuny added.

Two days ago, the National Elections Board of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) also extended the period for paying nominations fee to March 5, and announced that the primaries will take place between April 9 and April 16.

Jubilee and UDA party had initially slated March 4 as last day for incumbents and aspirants intending to contest governor, MPs and Ward Reps to deposit slips for registration and nominations, certified certificates and nomination application forms.

It is a windfall for parties, particularly for UDA which unlike other main parties, has not been having any income since it does not have members who give monthly contributions or attract the political parties funding.

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) said political parties will hold their primaries on April 20 and political party and independent candidates between May 8 and 20 will then take nomination papers to the electoral body.

Yesterday, UDA announced that it had registered at least 4,500 aspirants by Wednesday evening, with the officials saying the number was still swelling.

“UDA has now surpassed 4,500 paid up aspirants all looking forward to free and fair nominations. The National Elections Board has been conducting consultative meetings with aspirants,” the party said yesterday. According to the election board’s chair Antony Mwaura, the party had organised consultative meetings with aspirants across the country.

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