Ruto allies issue conditions for supporting final BBI report

Sunday, February 16th, 2020 16:56 | By

Deputy President William Ruto’s allies have made fresh claims that there is an elaborate plan to have the person to be head of state selected by members of Parliament.

The legislators, who accompanied the DP across the city on Sunday where he presided over fundraisers in aid of two churches, accused the proponents of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) of being behind the said plan.

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria, one of the seven lawmakers and several city MCAs who attended the events, alleged that the plan is to eliminate the ballot marked for a presidential candidate when the election comes.

“In the last election, Kenyans made long queues to elect MCAs, MPs, Women Representatives, senators, governors and a President. But now in this new arrangement for 2022, those who are behind it plan to drop the ballot meant for the Head of State so that they can come to the National Assembly, and bribe legislators to select the President,” the controversial legislator claimed at the Soul Harvesters Church International in Dandora.

In continuation of the claims, Kuria called on Kenyans to reject the BBI if it comes with such an arrangement.

“The plan is that in 2022, there will be five ballots instead of the six that you signed in 2013 and 2017 electing six representatives that include the President, but in the new arrangement, there will be no presidential ballot. Instead, the plan is that we MPs elect the President. You must say no,” he said.

He said the presidential system was the only way the Mt. Kenya region can benefit, considering the region has limited parliamentary positions compared to the other voting blocs.

However, the DP who was present did not give credence to the claims when he stood up to address the congregation; instead, he called for inclusivity during the widened discussions on the BBI.

“Those BBI debates are not exclusive for certain people but for all Kenyans. Therefore, there is no person who will be allowed to dictate to Kenyans the direction and time the BBI engagements will take and end. Therefore, those who are fond of that language of ‘whether you like or not’ this will happen, should take it elsewhere,” DP Ruto said.

Reacting to the Orange Democratic Movement leader, Raila Odinga’s suggestion that the BBI “will be used” to stop church fundraisers, Ruto said that will not be allowed to succeed.

“I hear Raila said that they will use the BBI to stop church fundraisers, but you want to remind him that they will not succeed in defeating the purpose of God in Kenya. God does not work with the majority but the truth and just,” he added.

His allies indicated the strong they will reject the BBI taskforce report if it leans towards politicians with selfish interests.

Alice Wahome (Kandara), Ndindi Nyoro (Kiharu), Beatrice Nkatha (Tharaka Nithi Women Rep), Rigathi Gachagua (Mathira), James Gakuya (Embakasi North), Gitonga Murugaru (Tharaka) and Mejja Donk (Embakasi Central) vowed to reject any proposals in the BBI to create more positions for a third tier of governance.

“Before we create any political positions, let's first get our youth employed, let's ensure our coffee, tea and milk farmers get the best prices for their produce,” Nyoro, a fierce critic of the BBI said.

On his part, Gachagua said that they will not support the BBI yet they don’t know what is in it.

“We going to support something that’s not in the BBI. If it is something that is going to work for people who are salivating for positions and create positions for governors who are in their last term, we will reject,” he said.

He further accused Raila of having secret meetings with governors proposing for the establishment of regional governments which would benefit second term county bosses who are barred from running for a third term under the Constitution.

“We reject this proposal to create regional governments and other political positions that are likely to burden the Kenyans. What mwananchi needs is market for farm produce,” he added.

Wahome said Jubilee elected President Uhuru Kenyatta alongside the DP who since 2013 had already built bridges among Kenyans, and therefore see no need for another round of Building Bridges.

“The task force must open a new chapter if we are to walk together as citizens of Kenya. Every Kenyan has a right in the BBI journey. We will reject any proposals inserted to serve their selfish interests. We demand honesty in the process,” she said.

On his part, Gakuya said the elected leaders who are behind the DP will die with him if it means, the 2022 election is about death.

“We are determined to say no to anybody who wants to divide Jubilee. We will defend democracy and multipartyism. We will not allow anybody who will divide Ruto and Uhuru,” he added.

The legislators said they are ready for another round of the BBI discussions now that President Daniel Moi has been buried.

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