Light moment as Ruto claims that Butita, Njugush earn more than his salary

Friday, June 2nd, 2023 20:54 | By
Collage of Njugush, President Ruto and Butita. PHOTOS/Courtesy
Collage of Njugush, President Ruto and Butita. PHOTOS/Courtesy

There was a light moment at State House after President William Ruto commented that content creators Eddie Butita and Timothy Kimani alias Njugush make more money than he does.

Ruto, while addressing a crowd during the Kenya National Drama Festival State concert held at State House on Friday, June 2, 2023, acknowledged the impact of the digital space on youths who had ventured into content creation.

The Head of State specifically pointed out that the two renowned creators had amassed success in the digital platform through effort from YouTube and the state which has allowed them space to eke out a living.

Ruto also lauded the content creators for trailblazing and being trendsetters for the youth in the country.

"Those two young men that you see there, they are making more money than my salary, musiwaone hivi ati wamevaa sijui T-shirt namna gani those guys are serious entrepreneurs," he stated amid laughter from the crowd.

“Congratulations for trailblazing, congratulations for being the example to many of our young people, and knowing that the creatives space, youtube space is available for out young people,” he added.

The President subsequently ordered that the ICT and Finance committee reconsiders the proposed tax on content creators for a while as they (content creators) get a footing and stabilise in their work.

"I know that there is a proposal in this year's budget on digital content and creators are making a statement. I have told the ICT and Finance committee to work on it. Lets give them a bit more space let us allow them kidogo wajipange lakini baadae si sisi wote tutalipa ushuru," he added.

He also pledged that his administration will install 25,000 hotspot areas where people won't have to pay by 2025. This he says will help the youths venture and earn from their crafts through content creation.

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