‘Bora usiue watoto wangu, mimi na wewe tuheshimiane’-Ruto lashes out at Uhuru

Friday, July 29th, 2022 16:26 | By
President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto at a past function. PHOTO/Courtesy

Deputy President William Ruto has launched a scathing attack on President Uhuru Kenyatta telling him to stop threatening him.

Speaking during a rally in Kapsabet, the DP went blood and guts on the Head of State stating that he should be grateful for the support he gave him when he was seeking the top job.

"Be a decent human being. Kuwa na shukrani, sisi ndio tulikusaidia. Wacha kijifanya saa hizi ati sijui unajifanya nini…please. Wewe sasa unaanza kuthreaten mimi ati utanifanya nini...bora usiue watoto wangu, lakini mimi na wewe tuheshimiane," Ruto said amid cheers from the crowd.

Deputy President William Ruto. PHOTO/DPPS

This translates to:

(Be a descent human being be a gentleman, we are the ones who helped you yet now you are threatening long as you don't touch my children, let us respect each other)

He added that if he clinches power in the August polls, he will ensure that he (Uhuru) retires peacefully despite all that he has done to him.

"You shouldn't be the source of threats in Kenya. Your work is to ensure all Kenyans live in peace. Stop threatening us, we are not the type to get threatened,"

"Even if you have done all that you have done to me, I am a christian, I will ensure you go home well and leave Kenya to me to help citizens," Ruto added.

Wetang'ula echoes Ruto's sentiments

Ford Kenya party leader Moses Wetang'ula further echoed the DP's sentiments telling him to stop threatening them.

"Nimekusikia juzi ukisema ati watu watajua wewe ni rais (I heard you recently saying we shall know you are the president) Do you know you have only nine days to go home,"

Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula. PHOTO/Courtesy
Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula. PHOTO/Courtesy

"Siku tisa imebaki my friend for you to go home, unatisha nani? (You just have nine days to go home. Who are you threatening?)" he added.

The Bungoma senator was speaking during a rally in Busia town. His sentiments followed shortly after the DP had gone all guns ablaze on the head of state.

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