Ruto: Raila BBI campaign brigade are destined to fail miserably

Friday, January 29th, 2021 00:00 | By

Deputy President William Ruto said yesterday that the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) will flop miserably since its campaigners have turned it into a contest between “Us versus Them.”

He dismissed Opposition leader Raila Odinga and the BBI brigade as people who have nothing to offer Kenyans apart from talking about hustlers and wheelbarrows.

“This one will be a non-contest, we are miles ahead of them since we are giving Kenyans hope and empowering them to face the future,” Ruto said at Burma market in Nairobi.

Ruto who was accompanied by several MPs, said it was unfortunate that the BBI sensitization rallies have been turned to a “hustlers and wheelbarrows” issue to the extent that the opposition leader was no longer selling the BBI bill.

“As you have noticed recently, Raila and his group have formed a habit of discussing us.

This is because they have nothing new to tell Kenyans, all they talk about are hustlers and wheelbarrows,” Ruto told a rally at the market after having lunch.

“Raila and his followers have realised that Kenyans are now alert and are tired of cheap politics they have been propagating for decades,” Ruto said.

The rally was briefly interrupted by a section of stone throwing youths who were however repulsed by the police.

Responding to claims by Raila that the Jubilee government had not delivered on its campaign promises, Ruto said the government was functioning well until after the handshake between him (Raila) and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

 “All was well until Raila came to our house. He introduced the BBI bringing to an abrupt halt all plans that were under way. We would be far were it not for him,” the DP told the rally.

The DP revisited the ‘System and Deep state” issue, accusing Raila of using it to scare his opponents ahead of the 2022 elections.

“Let me tell him and those of his ilk, that we will not have sleepless nights because of the systems, as I have been telling them we have God and the people on our side,” said the DP in reference to the powerful state operatives who are alleged to be fighting him.

 “They are proud because they have godfathers but we draw our strength from God and the people,” Ruto said.

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