Sankok decamps from DP’s side

Sunday, May 17th, 2020 11:22 | By
MP David Sankok
Nominated MP David Sankok. PHOTO/Courtesy

Nominated Member of Parliament (MP) David Ole Sankok has shifted his support from Deputy President's allies to embrace Jubilee party changes.

Sankok, who has been an ardent supporter of the Deputy President William Ruto made the announcements on Friday when his nominated colleague Maina Kamanda paid him a visit in Narok.

“It is true I have been supporting the Deputy President’s ambition because he is the only Jubilee leader who had shown interest in vying for presidency in the year 2022, but I want to say I will support anyone nominated by the party to vie for the seat,” said Sankok.

The MP who is nominated to represent people living with disabilities told KNA he was ready to work with the new leaders appointed by Jubilee party in parliament. He also reaffirmed his respect for the party leader.

“Loyalty and respect to the party leader is not negotiable. If our leader calls for a meeting we have to go without question, if I don’t agree with him I will tell him on the face so that we can get an amicable solution,” said Sankok.

On the recent coalition between Jubilee and Kanu, Mr. Sankok said he was ready to work with whoever his party appoints.

“I will be the first to work with anyone who signs a post election agreement with our party. Before I had only one party leader but now that KANU has come in I have two party leaders and two deputies whom I have a duty of respecting,” reiterated Sankok

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