Sapit: Resolve KCPE exam anomalies fast

Monday, November 27th, 2023 05:20 | By
Sapit: Resolve KCPE exam anomalies fast
Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit in a light moment with Corporal Doris Ruto during a procession for the retirement celebrations of the church’s Nakuru Bishop Joseph Muchai (left) yesterday. PHOTO/Raphael Munge

The Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) has called for the speedy correction of anomalies reported in the recently released Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam results.

Speaking in Nakuru during the retirement service of ACK Nakuru Diocese Bishop Joseph Muchai, the church head Archbishop Jackson ole Sapit said the number of complaints raised indicate there were shortcomings in the process.

“I have personally seen very genuine concerns raised by Kenyans on the results. This is a serious discouragement to our learners and should be corrected expeditiously,” said Sapit, adding that government entities must uphold ethics in their service delivery.

“It is very wrong to award the wrong marks to candidates on the part of people overseeing the whole exercise. KNEC should own up the mistake and provide a way forward,” said Sapit.

He cited a school which posted results of their candidates all of whom scored the same marks in one of the subjects.

“We have also seen some of the candidates awarded with marks for subjects they didn’t sit for. These are errors which KNEC cannot run away from,” he said.

Fresh audit

 Some schools have already protested against the results they received from KNEC with some calling for fresh audit of the exams results. He further took issue with a section of politicians engaging in blame games over the current state of the economy.

Sapit urged the current administration to focus on improving the economy and not to dwell on the shortcomings of the previous government.

“The government of the day now has a chance to undo the wrongs done by those before them if any. Blaming each other will not correct the situation,” said Sapit.

He called on Kenyans to make their personal effort in building the country saying that waiting for the government’s intervention would take long.

“The challenges that we are having today cannot be resolved by the government alone. It is the duty for all of us to contribute towards economic recovery,” said Sapit.

He added that the church was taking a frontline position in supporting their members through various programmes geared towards economic and social empowerment.

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