Sapit: Ruling on LGBTQ attack on God as creator

Friday, March 24th, 2023 07:50 | By
Arch-Bishop Jackson Ole Sapit. Land has been identified as the key cause of recurring skirmishes in parts of the county. Photo/PD/FILE

While proclaiming his stand against same sex unions and the recent Supreme Court ruling on a related matter, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya Jackson ole Sapit terms it a malicious agenda by the Western world. He shares with Chris Oyuga on why the country should not tread that path.

Question: What informed your vehement opposition to the Supreme Court pronouncement on the formation of LGBTQ association?

Archbishop Sapit: The court’s decision to allow LGBTQ community to register a Non-Governmental Organisation is a direct attack on creation and the Creator Himself. In essence, the court has allowed the practice and promotion of homosexuality and other related vices. The natural order of God is that He created men and women to come together, going against this is attack on humanity.

But LGBTQ is criminal in Kenya? Does that mean it is now legal?

I posed the same question to CJ Martha Koome when I called her. If the court can allow the registration of a lobby group promoting homosexuality, does that mean outlawed groups, such as Al-Shabaab and Mungiki can be legalised? Does it mean that a group of robbers can move to court seeking registration of their association? And what would that association be responsible for, if not promoting robberies?

But the issue of LGBTQ seems to be the in-thing in the modern world. Even some members of the Anglican Communion, such as the Church of England have already voted in its favour.

It is a malicious agenda by the Western world. But we have our cultures and norms to safeguard. They are using clauses on discrimination in law to push their agenda. It is unfortunate that the Church is even allowing ordination of gays. We shall not ban them from attending church services, but we shall strive to change them from their sinful ways.

Do you foresee a split in the church over the LGBTQ issue?

  They have always pushed for that agenda. I remember when they even had Gene Robinson, a confessed gay who headed the Episcopal Church of New Hampshire. The issue has split the church into two…the global North that has already adopted it and the global South that is opposed to it. In May, members of the global South, comprising Africa, Latin America, Asia and Oceania are meeting in Egypt to discuss the issue. One of the agenda is whether to allow the Church of England remaining the global leader of the Anglican Communion. We may appoint a leader on rotational basis of our communion that believes in orthodox teaching of the Bible.

So, what is the way forward for ACK now that the Church in America and England is fronting for LGBTQ?

Our position remains the same…. LGBTQ remains immoral. Early this month while in Ghana, I asked the head of the Church of England who was present, has the Church removed homosexuality from the list of what the Bible condemns as sin?  But he told me that no, it is still a sin but we are blessing the people and not the sin. But the context should be that if we bless a farmer, we bless his farm too. If we bless a marriage, we bless the individuals involved. So, you can’t bless a homosexual and fail to bless the sinful aspect.

 Is it true there are attempts to re-write or edit the Bible to remove the gender issue?

They are talking about introducing a gender-neutral language in the Bible. But how shall we address the doctrine of the Holy Trinity…. God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit? What would become of the statement of our faith enshrined in the Apostles’ Creed which states... I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit? We are waiting to see how they will narrate their new Bible without any reference to male or female.

So, what is next on this LGBTQ debate after the court pronouncement?

We expect the court to review the ruling. We are banking on the fact that only five judges determined the case. Let the full court (seven judges) sit and review it. We are in the process of writing to the court. But should that not happen, we have already started meeting as religious leaders to use the popular initiative, a referendum.

How widespread is LGBTQ in our schools?

A proper research is required to establish how deep rooted some of these things have infiltrated our institutions. These things are there, but hardly discussed openly. That is why we need a Chaplaincy Committee to establish the level it has reached.

There has been concern over the kind of preaching by some of the emerging evangelical churches and preachers, particularly stage-managed miracles to attract huge crowds/members/tithe. What do you say about this?

Kenya should follow the President Paul Kagame route.... introduce a law imposing minimum educational requirement for preachers. We need some regulation. People with little education will always try forcing the Bible to say what they want it to say. Those without Biblical studies and understanding end up misinterpreting it. Many others are looking at the Bible as a business enterprise. The government needs to regulate some of the emerging that operate like business enterprises.

 Do you think the country is headed towards the right direction?

Archbishop Sapit: Despite the numerous challenges we are facing, we are beginning to see both the opposition and government putting the country in a campaign mode. This is not the time for competition. As a church, we are not happy with the apparent cut-throat competition between Kenya Kwanza and Azimio.  Let’s talk less and do more to tackle problems facing us. Let politics wait till 2027.

In the countdown to 2022 General Election you were part of the efforts to reconcile President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto. Why do you think you failed?

There was no meeting point between the two. One felt his priority was to campaign for the top seat while the other wanted to concentrate on his legacy and development. They accused each other of betrayal and sabotage. Nobody was ready to climb down.  But though we did not succeed in reconciling them, we succeeded in listening to both sides.

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