Senator Murungi urges IG Koome to promote cop in viral photo escorting student to safety during Azimio demos

Friday, March 24th, 2023 22:27 | By
Senator Murungi urges IG Koome to promote cop in viral photo escorting student to safety during Azimio demos
Police officer Bramwel Wesonga and Senate Deputy Speaker Kathuri Murungi. PHOTO/Courtesy

Senate Deputy Speaker Kathuri Murungi has called on Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome to promote officers who have in the recent past won the hearts of Kenyans with their professionalism and empathy.

According to Murungi, while there are rogue elements in the National Police Service, some of the men and women in uniform are professional in their work.

Addressing the press at his office in parliament, the lawmaker lauded Administration Police officer Bramwel Wesonga, who went viral after he was photographed guiding to safety a student caught in the middle of the opposition protests along Luthuli Avenue in Nairobi on Monday

Wesonga, who was manning the street, saw the stranded girl and rescued her from the billowing smoke of police tear gas.

“I was patrolling around the area. I am normally stationed around Luthuli Avenue. I saw the girl stranded in the middle of the road and I decided to help her. I took her to the stage to go back to her parents,” Wesonga said.

A picture of a Wesonga clutching the schoolgirl’s hand during the demos went viral, as netizens hailed the officer for his kind gesture and selfless act.

Murungi said that good deeds should be rewarded with promotion.

“I want to ask the Inspector General of Police to consider promoting this gentleman to give him the motivation to continue doing good. His act of courage and kindness has shown that we have very good police officers,” Murungi said.

Murungi further urged former Chief Justice David Maraga led Taskforce on the Welfare of the Police and Prison Officers to ensure that they visit various stations and get the account of the police officers with a view to make sound recommendations.

While thanking, President William Ruto for giving autonomy to Kenya Police Service, Murungi said that autonomy will ensure that the police make their own budget and run their affairs without interference from the Executive.

President Ruto, in his first address to the nation as the Head of State, pointed out that the financial independence of the police will give impetus to the fight against graft and end the political weaponization of the criminal justice system in the country.

“For a long time, the Inspector General of Police used to go to Harambee House to line up and ask for funds. Giving the Police autonomy will make them more professional. They are no longer beggars at the Office of the President,” Murungi remarked.

In appreciating the kind gesture, Murungi gave the officer Ksh20,000 and Samuel Wang’ombe, a trader at Skymall who took the viral picture Ksh10,000.

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