Senators oppose bill seeking to anchor CDF in Constitution

Friday, November 4th, 2022 08:20 | By
Senators oppose bill seeking to anchor CDF in Constitution
Senators oppose bill seeking to anchor CDF in Constitution

Senators have threatened to shoot down the proposed amendment of the Constitution to anchor the National Government Constituency Development Fund (NG-CDF) in the supreme law.

The Senators say their colleagues in the National Assembly did not consult them about the plan. The lawmakers said such a law cannot pass without their input.

Matungulu MP Steven Mule and his Gichugu counterpart Gichimu Githinji have co-sponsored the Constitutional amendment to establish NG-CDF, the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF), the Senate Oversight Fund (SOF) and the Economic Stimulus and Empowerment Fund.

The bill proposes to increase allocation to the NG-CDF kitty from 2.5 per cent of national revenue to five per cent, NGAAF to have 0.25 per cent and SOF 0.001 per cent of the revenue.

“ We are not relenting in this journey. This is a journey we will walk as members from both sides of the divide so that we safeguard this idea to the end,” said Mule.

Should the proposal be approved for publication, Parliament will seek to amend the Constitution to anchor NG-CDF and the other funds through the parliamentary initiative.

But Okongo Omogeni (Nyamira) questioned the criteria used to arrive at what he termed as “tokenism” to the Senate. “Our colleagues have come up with a bill giving themselves five per cent for CDF and some token of 0.001 to the senate. In a proper approach, there should have been a discussion between these two houses and agree what percentage should be given to the Senate and what per cent should be given to National Assembly,” said Omogeni (pictured).


Senate Deputy Minority leader Enock Wambua (Kitui) said Parliament (the National Assembly and the Senate) is established by the same Article of the Constitution.

“If there is this one thing that senators must never allow, it is a situation where the National Assembly sits and allocates anything to the Senate. The Senate must push back for the withdrawal of the proposed constitutional amendment Bill to allow for a joint working group with equal representation from both Houses to agree on the way forward,” said Wambua.

Edwin Sifuna (Nairobi) said that the proposal was contemptuous, adding that they will not support such a proposal or amendment until they are involved.

“The proposal is absolutely contemptuous. The Senate certainly was not consulted and we wonder how that figure was arrived at. We in the Senate will not support that amendment until and unless we are fully involved. We feel insulted,” said Sifuna.

Okiya Omtatah (Busia) poured cold water on the proposal, saying it will be declared unconstitutional.

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