Sex workers demo over woman’s murder by Briton

Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 00:00 | By
Sex workers protest alleged murder of Agnes Wanjiru by a British soldier in 2012. Photo/KNA

Sex workers in Majengo estate in Nanyuki town, Laikipia county yesterday took to the streets to protest the alleged killing of Agnes Wanjiru, 21, by a British soldier in 2012.

A member of Laikipia Peer Educators and a sex worker, Maryanne Wangui, condemned the  brutal murder of Wanjiru and urged the government to take action against the suspect. “We are here to fight for our rights. We hope the government will take up the matter on behalf of Wanjiru’s family,” she said.

Wangui added that sex workers suffer discrimination and urged people to respect their rights.

“Most of us are bread winners in our families. We urge the government to uphold our rights, since we face a lot of challenges in the course of our duty,” she added.

Safina Wamuyu, another sex worker, urged the British Government to care for Wanjiru’s child. “The family is not financially stable. We urge the British Government to help cater for the child’s needs,” Wamuyu said.

Wanjiru’s family is optimistic that justice will prevail. The deceased’s elder sister, Rose Wanjiku, said the family has never received any feedback from the Kenyan nor British governments over the murder.

“I am not aware of the fate of the case that was ongoing at a Nanyuki court. I hope justice will prevail,” she said. -KNA

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