Siaya residents want Orengo to consider merit in county staff recruitment

Wednesday, September 14th, 2022 16:38 | By
James Orengo
Siaya Governor James Orengo. PHOTO/James Orengo (@orengo_james)/Twitter

Siaya residents have urged their new Governor James Orengo to ensure appointments in the county are done on merit as he promised during the campaign period.

Orengo while making his acceptance speech after taking the oath of office last month said workers would be appointed on merit only.

Siaya Bunge la Wananchi Jacob Omondi said the appointment of public officers will have to be done on merit to ensure service delivery is seamless.

“If Orengo does not embrace persuasions from cronies, friends, and relatives who want those close to them to be recruited and insist on merit in the executive appointments, then he will deliver services without any reshuffles,” Omondi said.

Orengo advised

He said Orengo needs to appoint the best men and women whose qualifications match their dockets.

“We would like Orengo administration to put bright people in the executive, not those seconded to him that would derail the region's service delivery,” Omondi stated.

Omondi made his remarks a day after the Siaya Public Service Board advertised 10 slots for the Committee Executive Members (CECs), Chief of Staff, Legal, Economic, and Political Advisor to the Governor, and Director Governor Press Service.

The advert that appeared in a local daily has sent a warning to the existing executive to either exit or gather their documents and re-apply for the position that matches their academic qualifications.

The governor and his deputy William Oduol are working on the new lists of top county executives.

These will be tabled for approval by Siaya County Assembly.

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