Siaya Speaker rejects Orengo’s Cabinet list over missed details about nominees

Monday, October 31st, 2022 14:43 | By
Siaya Governor James Orengo.
Siaya Governor James Orengo. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Siaya governor James Orengo has suffered a major setback after the Siaya Speaker George Okode rejected his list of Cabinet nominees who were to be vetted by the Siaya County Assembly.

The Speaker rejected Orengo's Cabinet citing that critical information about the individuals which would help in the vetting exercise was missing.

“The notification by the governor must fulfil certain provisions of the Public Appointments Act. If the said information is not provided, we assume that notification has not been fully given to the House,” the Speaker said in a notice to the Assembly.

The Siaya Speaker noted that two Cabinet nominees only had their CVs submitted but did not attach copies of their academic certificates.

“Honourable members I noticed some gaps in the information accompanying the list that was presented. For instance, two nominees only have their CVs submitted but no copies of academic certificates or evidence of previous work experience,” Siaya County Speaker said.

Submission of evidence of the nominees’ professional training and experience is important for checking compliance with Section 35 iii (d) of the County Governments Act.

It states that a person may be appointed as a member of the County Executive Committee if they have knowledge, experience and a distinguished career of not less than five years in the field relevant to the portfolio of a department to which they are being appointed.


In the notice to the Siaya County Assembly, the Speaker also noted that governor Orengo did not disclose the sub-county and ward where each of his Cabinet nominees come from.

He maintained that the Siaya County Assembly would not approve a list that does not take into account the community and cultural diversity of the county.

“It is on the foregoing account that I infer that the nomination of notification to the County Assembly is currently considered not duly given in respect of section 6 (v) of the Act and the Standing orders of the House. I have therefore written back to the governor to ask him to provide the missing information for us to proceed," the Speaker said.

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