Spike in murder triggers police patrols in Nakuru

Tuesday, June 28th, 2022 03:10 | By
Kuria Muthande displays a photo of his son who was allegedly killed by ‘Confirm’ gang last year during a security meeting called yesterday after Daina Opicho, 25, years was killed at Mawanga in Bahati, Nakuru county on Friday. PD/raphael munge
Kuria Muthande displays a photo of his son who was allegedly killed by ‘Confirm’ gang last year during a security meeting called yesterday after Daina Opicho, 25, years was killed at Mawanga in Bahati, Nakuru county on Friday. PD/raphael munge

Police have intensified patrols in Mawanga area in Bahati, Nakuru county following a series of murders by a gang targeting women in the area.

Nakuru County Commissioner Erastus Mbui revealed that his security team had put in place measures to ensure residents are protected.

Speaking during a security meeting with workers in the area, Mbui called for tolerance and termed the killings unfortunate and unwarranted.

He took a swipe at politicians politicising the matter, saying there was no need to generalise the cases and treat them as criminal acts.

“Let us approach this matter with a lot of soberness, let us control our emotions. The lives that have been lost are precious for us to get distracted,” said Mbui.

Residents who spoke expressed their disappointment in the way police were harbouring criminals in the area through bribery.

One of them, Miriam Gothari,  claimed that there is a lot of drug dealing in the area and that from 3 pm the area is insecure with police doing little to control the situation.

“To what end will we suffer in this area? All those involved be ashamed of your acts. I feel for mothers who are losing their children,” said Gothari.

She called out chiefs who protect drug dealers in the area saying they have allowed criminals to find a safe haven in the area.

“We are not safe with the rise of organised criminal gangs, they are instilling fear. The constitution guarantees us of right to life and this must be a wake-up call to the government to get rid of these thugs,” said Gothari.

Another resident, Gladys Kimani called for enhanced patrols during the day to ensure the gangs are contained before the matter goes out of hand.

“The way these criminals know women are alone during the day shows that they have been monitoring movements. We need the police to act,” said Kimani.

On his part, James Wanjala called on residents to give information to the police including landlords who are renting out houses saying they should get personal information.

“Despite police moving in we have witnessed a recent incident where criminals vandalized street lights in preparation to commit a felony before we quelled them,” said Wanjala.

On the other hand, Governor Lee Kinyanjui said all those culpable must be brought to book, stating that the community should not protect criminals once the police move in.

Dreaded gang

“We are a mourning community and we should not allow such to thrive, some have been bailed out by leaders, your days are over,” said Kinyanjui. He called on residents to volunteer information to the police insisting that everyone has a role to play to secure the security of the area.

“You are part of the gang if you don’t give information and act, we need to deal with this gang before it grows. Let the public feel safe with volunteering information to the police,” he said.

“We cannot come here thinking the chief is responsible for our safety, we need to get serious as a community and ensure all those responsible are brought to book,” he noted.

He added that criminal gangs were a serious threat to our city's status insisting that there was a need to add more patrols in the area.

“We are ready to work and put our resources to assist the security docket, we know security is not devolved but we are ready to help where we can,” he said.

Jackson Mwangi said youths are being profiled insisting that the police are being complacent and lazy by pinning any criminal activity to the dreaded ‘Confirm’ gang.

“Police are the weakest link, we have done our work as the community, the police know these people,” said Mwangi.

Michael Mwaura said police know who is financing the confirmed group but have not taken action against the said elected leaders.

“Please name those leaders who are blocking the police from working in certain areas, we need to end this menace once and for all,” said Mwaura.

Anthony Waigwa, a Nyumba Kumi elder, said the rot is in the renting of houses adding agents are not revealing tenants in the locality which in turn compromises security.

“There is a breakdown of the information in the security sector in this area, we need this to be tamed and ensure a seamless flow of reports for action,” said Waigwa.

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