Sports ministry to put up 10 academies for talent search countrywide

Thursday, October 28th, 2021 00:00 | By
Marcos Odhiambo of Kenya vies for the ball against Alja Chiwastir of Zimbabwe during the second edition of Copa Coca-Cola tournament at M-Pesa Foundation Academy in Thika. Photo/PD/PHILIP KAMAKYA

Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed disclosed yesterday that the government has laid down plans to construct 10 sports academies across the country which will help tap talent at early ages.

Amina said her Ministry has set aside Sh750 million for the projects which kick-off in November.

“The money is available for 10 academies, all we are waiting for is the details,” said the CS when she appeared before the National Assembly’s Sports, Culture and Tourism Committee.

Amina further said that the 10 academies are among the 17 in the first phase which will cover all the 270 constituencies in the country.

“Our anticipation is that we start by the end of next month and we should finish by the end of June next year,” said Amina.

She told the committee that experts from her ministry had already done the visibility study and that the projects will commence as planned.

The 17 constituencies earmarked for the first phase are Lurambi, Igembe Central, Mwingi West Lagdera, Mavoko, Narok South, Voi, Marakwet West, Webuye and Luanda.

Others are Ainamoi, Isiolo South, Tinderet, Alego Usonga, Kieni Ndaragwa and Nyaribari Chache.

Funding of the projects, she said had been sourced through the Sports, Arts and Social Development Fund Board (SASDFB).

“The Fund was established to consolidate funds for construction and improvement of stadiums, academies and other sports centers to nurture and develop talents,” she disclosed.

The Fund has already collected Sh 30.3 billion since its since its initiation in the 2018-19 financial year. Some of the funds has been used in the construction of four stadia in four counties.

The stadiums include the Jomo Kenyatta International Stadium in Kisumu County, (Sh 415 million) and the Wanguru stadium in Kirinyaga County which was done at a cost of Sh310 million.

The Fund has also supported the Posta Jamhuri Sports Ground in Nairobi County where Sh 609 million has been spent.

The Kirigiti Stadium in Kiambu County which is ongoing was allocated Sh 596 million. It is almost complete at 85 per cent.

“What we wanted to prove with the construction of this stadium within a record time is to show that we don’t need 4yrs to construct the stadiums as has been the norm, and that with the technologies and commitment it can be done within six and seven,” the CS said.

Asked by Makau why some projects which were started years back were still ragging behind, Amina said the delay was prompted by many logistics including documentation of land and provision of other enmities like water.

“We have Wote, Kamariny, Kipchoge Keino and many other stadiums that have been delayed since 2017. What is the problem?” Posed Makau.

She said her ministry was working closely with other line ministries on areas to do with security, water and electricity to ensure the completion of the projects without further delays.

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