State in plan to conserve rain water

Thursday, November 30th, 2023 08:03 | By
Water, Sanitation and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary Zachary Mwangi. PHOTO/Print

The Government plans to construct 100 mega dams and another 1,000 small water reservoirs as one way of harvesting storm waters.

Water, Sanitation and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary Zachary Mwangi says seven of the dams will be built in the Central region to cushion the area against water scarcity during the dry season.

The minister, who was speaking in Nyeri ahead of a planned tour of various water projects in the county, said the government is partnering with both donors and international lenders to help in funding the ambitious program which has already been sanctioned by Cabinet.

Water projects

“The Government is committed to setting up water projects which will mainly include dams. In this region (Central), we have about seven major dams that the government is committed to build and so we are sourcing for funds. As a government, we are committed to ensuring rainwater does not cause havoc.

The other day the Cabinet passed (a resolution) that the Ministry (of Water) comes up with 100 mega dams and 1,000 smaller dams to ensure that we are able to harvest rainwater,” he said.

His sentiments come at a time when Kenya is confronted with devastating floods from the ongoing El Nino rains.that have seen more than 100 people lose their lives and another 189,000 displaced from their homes.

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