State speaks out over late Moi’s staff fate

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 08:20 | By
Cyrus Oguna
Cyrus Oguna PHOTO/File

Civil servants who had been seconded to late President Daniel arap Moi will be given ample time to mourn before they are redeployed, Government Spokesman Colonel (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna has said. 

Speaking to People Daily on phone, Oguna said although government has a plan for late Moi’s staff, it is still early to think about redeployment.

“We’re Africans and we only buried Mzee last week… some of these people were very close to him so the only thing we can do is to give them time to mourn…” said Oguna, adding that the government will issue them a circular at an appropriate time.

“I think it is only fair to let them mourn peacefully like any other human being. That is the least we can do for them now,” he said. He added that the government is not in a hurry to recall workers who were attached to Moi. 

According to the Constitution, the former President was entitled to two personal assistants, four secretaries, four messengers, four drivers, house keepers, home cleaners and bodyguards.  He was also entitled to round the clock security in all his homes. 

Impeccable sources indicate that Moi had 22 police officers at his disposal and will now be redeployed by the Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyembai. “Majority of those who guarding him will go back to the Presidential Escort Unit…” said an officer who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Some of the staff have been working for the former Head of State for over 20 years with Press Secretary Lee Njiru leading with over 40 years of service.  His contract was extended last year to 2021.

Colonel Alexander Kiprop has been Moi’s aide de camp since 2002.

At the same time, the Treasury is expected to close the Sh100 million annual budget that had been allocated to the late Moi once the redeployment programme is implemented before in the course of the year. 

Moi retired in 2002 after being president for 24 years. He died on February 4 after spending about three months at the Nairobi Hospital where he was being treated for old age complications. 

Ironically, Moi was admitted on October 10 which is Moi Day, a national holiday that was marked with pomp and colour during his reign. 

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