State to inspect all vessels below 24 metres operating in Indian Ocean

Wednesday, February 14th, 2024 04:19 | By
The Cabinet Secretary for Mining, Blue Economy and Maritime Affairs, Salim Mvurya in a past event. PHOTO/Print

The Government yesterday announced plans to undertake major inspection of all vessels that are 24 metres and below operating in the Indian Ocean and inland waters for the next 12 months starting April.

The Cabinet Secretary for Mining, Blue Economy and Maritime Affairs, Salim Mvurya, said that a comprehensive vessel inspection initiative, would ensure maritime safety, urging owners to co-operate after the government gave a waiver to make the process free of charge.

“From the 1st of April, we will be doing a major inspection of all vessels of 24 meters and below in the Indian Ocean and also in the inland waters and we will do it in the next twelve months,” said Mvurya.

He noted that the inspection aims to verify vessel worthiness, compliance with safety standards and provide unique identification, for swift response in rescue operations.

Mvurya who was speaking at Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA), Headquarters in Mombasa, said that there is a ground-breaking move set to reshape Kenya’s maritime landscape.

Alongside key stakeholders, he unveiled a series of transformative initiatives, aimed at bolstering training, safety and opportunities within the sector.

The CS said following the President’s directive to train 2,000 coxswains in the Indian Ocean region, the Ministry has successfully trained 5,410 coxswains, surpassing initial targets.

On streamlining recruitment processes for Kenyans seeking opportunities abroad, he stated that the Ministry is working closely with the Ministry of Labour and maritime stakeholders, to ensure clarity and fairness.

The CS said the formal recognition and registration of the Seafarer Union, mark a significant step towards addressing labor issues and fostering constructive dialogue within the maritime sector.

“Dr. Eric Lewa Katana (pictured), assumes the role of CEO at BMA bringing new leadership and expertise, to drive institutional growth and excellence,” added Mvurya.

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