State warns students, parents against drug abuse indulgence

Tuesday, February 13th, 2024 10:30 | By
Drug abuse. Photo/Internet

Kitutu Central Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Juma Walela has warned students against drug abuse, saying, it poses a threat to their lives.

Consequently, the administrator counselled parents and guardians to shun abusing drugs in front of the children. Students, Wa;leda noted the Commissioner,  copy what parents do, stressing it will difficult to correct them once they start abusing drugs.

“If your child abuses drugs, chances are that he or she has copied it from you or  friends,” Walela said and urged them to be wary of their children’s friends.

The Commissioner, flanked by Cardinal Otunga High School, Mosocho, Principal, Chief Principal, Albert Ombiro at the school during a class conference for Form One students.

He implored parents and guardians to monitor their children to detect abuse of drugs.

“Students who abuse drugs will be arrested and prosecuted to deter others,” Walela said and cautioned students against being influenced by peers to abuse drugs. He told parents and guardians against giving their children excess pocket money, saying, they are likely  to buy drugs, abuse and ruin other students.

Ombiro said the school will not allow students to abuse drugs, fight other students and engage in immoral activities.  He urged parents and guardians to help learners be disciplined to foster their education and performance in national examination.

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