States told to put women at frontline of talks

Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 03:00 | By
Women Empowerment. PHOTO/Linkedin
Women Empowerment. PHOTO/Linkedin

Developing countries have been urged to involve women and girls in discussion and decision making around climate and just transition.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said women are the most affected group of people by climate change, yet, they are the least considered people when it comes to climate discussions and making decisions.

“It is women who have to walk for miles in search of water or food, it is them who have to wake up so early and work in farms under scorching sun and sometimes rains. It is them who work so hard but are paid less compared to the males. Why are they excluded in the discussions,” she noted.

Hillary said women from developing countries are further forced to work in an environment that exposes them to health risks.

Also, not only women in the informal sector are affected by the crisis but also those in the formal sector.
According to a report released by Oxfam “Unfair Share” women in developing nations such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan were the most hit by drought that has been caused by climate change.

The report indicated millions of women and girls faced risks of hunger and gender-based violence.

Oxfam said majority of the affected women were responsible for house chores such as walking for long distances in search of water. In some cases, their quest for clean water leads to them being sexual abused.

And while women especially those in rural or poor communities are sidelined from taking part in climate talks, Hillary said they have the potential of coming up with solutions to combat climate change and further mitigates its effects.

The US delegate says women have the tendency of coming up with long-lasting solutions which has helped mitigate the situation in the long run.

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