Study finds vapes potent in helping smokers quit

Friday, January 12th, 2024 07:00 | By
Study finds vapes potent in helping smokers quit
Joseph Magero, the chairman, Campaign for Safer Alternatives (CASA. PHOTO/Print

It’s a relentless campaign by those advocating for alternative tobacco products following a new study in which they are arguing that vapes are effective in helping smokers to quit their deadly habit.

And now it will be up to the Ministry of Health to decide between allowing these new tobacco products or heed another persistent campaign by anti-tobacco crusaders to ban all types of cigarettes altogether.

Harm reduction campaigners have released a new study in which they are urging health officials to take note of their findings among 27,000 smokers, which alleges that vapes users are more than twice more likely to quit than those who rely on behavioural support. This is barely two weeks after local health advocates called for a tobacco and smoke-free-2024.

The latest review by experts from Cochrane Network is said to have found out that using vapes leads to better chances of quitting smoking than patches, gums, lozenges or other traditional Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs).

“This study provides yet more proof that vapes – and other modern alternative nicotine products – can help to save the lives of Kenyan smokers,” Joseph Magero, the chairman Campaign for Safer Alternatives (CASA), said yesterday.

He said every year, thousands of Kenyans die prematurely because they’re unable to kick out their cigarette habit, yet the science shows with certainty that vapes and nicotine pouches are far less harmful and offer adult smokers a route away from deadly tobacco. “The Cochrane review should therefore be essential reading for the Ministry of Health officials currently considering new regulations for harm reduction products.”

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