Technology firms in partnership to boost digital health law

Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 01:11 | By
CS Susan Nakhumicha during a meeting at Strathmore University Business School. PHOTO/Print
CS Susan Nakhumicha during a meeting at Strathmore University Business School. PHOTO/Print

The government’s planned digital health law has been boosted by a nod from technology companies looking forward to facilitating the services.

During a meeting at Strathmore University Business School the firms inked a partnership deal that will pave the way for development of a range of digital tools to support solutions towards the implementation of Universal Health Coverage (UHC), a government flagship project.

The government has recently rejuvenated the focus to digitise healthcare in Kenya, arguing that it holds the potential to substantially enhance health outcomes by tackling issues such as unequal access to healthcare services.

Health Cabinet Secretary, Susan Nakhumicha (pictured) has particularly been vocal about the Digital Health Bill, 2023, saying it will even address the difficulties health professionals face in obtaining crucial health data.

“The scarcity of healthcare personnel, the exorbitant costs associated with healthcare access, and patients’ ability to access their medical records, prescriptions, and medical information together with myriad other challenges will be addressed by a new Digital Health law,” the CS said this recently during a public forum.
At the Futurise HealthTech Summit in Nairobi’s Strathmore Business School, health stakeholders were optimistic that the renewed efforts are about ignition of fresh pathways for African healthcare innovation.

Addressed by the likes of Dr Amit Thakker, Chairman, Kenya Healthcare Federation and Jonathan Calder, Head of Digital & IT, African Cluster at AstraZeneca, the Summit brought together more than 100 technology experts, all dedicated to enhancing health innovations.

Under the A. Catalyst Network, The Futurise HealthTech Summit discussed what nurturing healthtech ecosystems through collaboration will achieve for the planned government aspirations.

“Fostering a thriving healthtech ecosystem goes beyond individual efforts; it hinges on our ability to connect, share insights, and build upon each other’s strengths. This collaborative approach is what forward-looking organisations do,” said Calder.

The rejuvenated government e-health programme has attracted private, public, and academic entities as well as the role of academic institutions in innovation.

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