Thieves break into govt facility to steàl motorcycle, walk empty-handed after it fails to start

Saturday, March 25th, 2023 14:43 | By
Crime scene tape. PHOTO/Courtesy

Thieves who broke into the Nyandarua North veterinary offices in Nyahururu town on the night of Thursday, March 23, 2023, were forced to leave empty-handed after a motorcycle they were trying to steal failed to start.

The offices located at the Nyahururu sub-county headquarters are guarded by Critical Infrastructure Police Unit (CIPU) officers round the clock.

"The thieves took advantage of the police officers shielding themselves from the heavy rain that was falling most of the night to break into the building," Nyandarua North Sub-County Veterinary Officer Elijah Chomba said.

The thieves gained entry into the offices by breaking the rear door and making a hole in a partition to gain access to the room where the brand-new motorcycle was being stored.

They tried to start it but after failing, they ransacked the offices in what is believed a futile search for its ignition keys. They abandoned the motorcycle outside the offices after their attempt to manually start it by tampering with its ignition wiring failed.

"They might have abandoned their mission after they realized time was not on their side after the rains stopped and they feared the police officers could resume their patrol of the compound. They only stole a trouser that is designed for motorcycle riding,” Chomba said.

The veterinary offices are among Nyandarua county facilities that remained in Nyahururu town of Laikipia County when the 47 devolved units in the country were created in 2013.

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