Thika clergy aged above 58 ask the State to review rules on church reopening

Saturday, July 11th, 2020 11:02 | By
A section of the clerics praying at Mugumoini primary in Thika town PHOTO/PD/MATHEW NDUNGU

Clergymen from Thika, Kiambu County have called upon the government to review the measures put up for the church to reopen saying that it is not practical since the church leadership is headed by a clergy who are above age 58.

On July 6, President Uhuru Kenyatta set in motion the stage for gradual resumption of congregational worship to take effect.

He said the phased reopening of places of worship will see only 100 congregants allowed into the sanctuaries.

He directed Sunday Schools and Madrassas to remain suspended until further notice. Also, in-person worship was prohibited for congregants under 13 years or above 58 years or persons with underlying conditions.

Thika priests said some conditions are impractical and urged the Inter-Religious Faith Council that has been mandated to oversee the reopening process to relax some of them.

The faith leaders said most churches are led by elderly persons and that allowing the youth to oversee services in their absence will cripple operations.

Others led by reverend Simon Githiora Njuguna of Makongeni PCEA and Francis Kilango of Springs of Life Apostolic Ministries said while they are ready to adhere to the measures, some of them have proven to be a daunting task that will require extra efforts.

“Our youth are taught the right things in the church and keeping them from the church is encouraging malpractices. We are ready to keep the youth in various rooms and observe distancing but saying they stay out of church is inviting the devil to lead them,” said Kilango.

They especially took issue with the exemption of children from services saying the move will set the stage for deterioration of societal vices and erosion of morals among the youth.

During the thanksgiving event, MP Wainaina promised to donate hand washing units to all churches in the entire constituency as a way of supporting the houses of worship resume operations.

“We want to strategize and reevaluate our practices to ensure we adhere to the laid down practices. I will be donating hand washing units to all churches to help them resume operations,” he said.

The MP urged churches to also adopt innovations such as disinfection booths to keep away the deadly virus from members.

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