Thika man s**bs wife’s private parts for ‘using her money to feed the family’

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Thika Woman stabbed by husband for providing supper for the family

A 24-year-old woman from Thika Kiambu county is nursing serious injuries after her 45-year-old husband stabbed her genitalia Wednesday night for allegedly using her money to feed the family.

The mother of two told People Daily her husband Maluke Mwangangi arrived home and found they (the woman and the children) had already taken supper, yet he had not provided for that day.

Fight broke with Mwangangi accusing his wife of infidelity.

To put the Wednesday evening meal on the table, the woman had hawked potato fries (chips) in the estate but the husband could hear none of it, she narrated.

Mwangangi, who works as a welder, is said to have unclothed the victim, and using a sharp knife, he stabbed her on her private parts.

“He started by beating me up brutally before he strangled me. He then took a knife and stabbed my private parts and later painfully pushed it inner,” the aggrieved woman said.

Bleeding profusely and left unconscious, neigbours curious about the commotion rescued her. Shortly afterwards, Kimuchu police post officers rushed her to the hospital.

The woman found herself at Thika Level Five Hospital from where she was discharged on Friday.

“I thought I died and left my children but through the help of neighbours I am alive again(sic),” she added.

The suspect was still at large by the time of publishing this report.

Earlier Domestic Feuds

Previously, the couple was having domestic feuds and the woman had not been living with the husband for a while. She had only returned home on Monday after a three-month separation.

The victim said her husband had an affair with another woman whom she accused of orchestrating her death to win the husband. The two have been in the marriage for seven years, she said.

Speaking near her home, the woman said their seven-year marriage is now over and wants the husband arrested and charged with attempted murder.

According to Faith Syombua, a friend and a former church mate to the couple, the two were having domestic feuds.

She said that the two regularly attended church, and how the matter got to battering was a mystery to her.

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