Thika MP donates equipment after a stand-off with Governor Nyoro

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020 19:32 | By
Thika MP hands over mobility equipment and food rations to persons living with disabilities at Githuri in Kiambu County.

After suffering alleged political sabotage, Thika town Member of Parliament Patrick Wainaina has finally managed to distribute mobility equipment to disabled persons from various Sub Counties in Kiambu County.

Last week in what was seen as an outright display of political supremacy, a wheelchairs distribution event that was to take place at Ndumberi and Githunguri areas in Kiambu County was cancelled the last minute with the over 300 beneficiaries blaming the county leadership for orchestrating abortion of the meeting.

The event, organized by Wainaina was aimed at benefitting Persons Living with Disabilities (PWDs) from various sub-counties with the mobility equipment and other goodies.

It is believed that the Jungle Afya Foundation team had already left Thika for Ndumberi and Githunguri in Kiambu when they received a call that the function had been called off by a senior government official from Kiambu county who claimed to have received instructions from “above”.  
But the MP who is said to be eying the gubernatorial position at the county blamed Governor James Nyoro for the cancellation of the event accusing him of sustained sabotage of his projects.
He pointed an accusing finger at Governor Nyoro claiming he was behind a scheme to undermine his projects meant to benefit the less fortunate.
The two leaders have clashed in the past with Wainaina accusing the governor of ordering the demolition of Boda Boda sheds which he has erected in various parts of the county while Nyoro maintains that putting up such structures is the work of the county government.
However, the MP said he will not be intimidated and vowed to proceed with the donations at an appropriate time.
Today, the MP through his Jungle Foundation managed to deliver the Sh 5 million worth of equipment to all the beneficiaries.
“This is my personal initiative and I will continue to support the less fortunate no matter the political setbacks I am likely to face going forward,” he said.
Wainaina said that well-wishers should be supported in their philanthropic initiatives and it does not matter if they are leaders or not and politics should not play out in their humanity works.

He said that the foundation will continue to better infrastructure, agricultural production, health and businesses through various initiatives.

He called on national, county governments, and the private sector to consider the disabled in the job market since they can be able to contribute a lot in their growth and building the economy of the country.

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