Thirsty sanitiser drinkers from Murang’a to be put under rehabilitation

Sunday, May 17th, 2020 14:21 | By
Thirsty sanitiser drinkers of Murang'a to get rehabilitated

A well-wisher has come to the aid of five men from Mathioya in Murang'a County who confessed to be drinking sanitiser as a substitute for alcoholic drinks.

Stanley Kamau of Ahadi Kenya said he will put the men under rehabilitation and help them recover from alcohol addiction while engaging them in productive activities.

"Most of these men are addicted to alcohol and what you see are withdrawal symptoms. The men think that sanitizer is a beer like Tusker diluted in water," said Mr. Kamau.

The shocking revelations of the 'sanitizer drinkers' were highlighted by Kameme Tv. Authorities in Murang'a immediately launched a police hunt for the men to arrest them.

One of the 'sanitizer drinkers' narrated how he was arrested by police after his confessions.

"From Monday last week when I was arrested, they set me free on Friday," narrated the man.

While speaking after launching the rehabilitation program for the five men on Sunday, Mr. Kamau said the five will be ambassadors of the fight against alcohol abuse and Covid-19 in Murang'a county.

"We have enrolled them into income generating activities and they will also help us to distribute food, sanitisers and masks in the county.

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