Titanium firm allowed to mine

Wednesday, August 16th, 2023 03:40 | By
Titanium mining. PHOTO/Kevin Odit
Operations at the Base Titanium Mining Plant in Kwale County in this photo taken on 29th June 2022. Photo by Kevin Odit.

Exploration of minerals has entered the second phase in four villages within Msambweni constituency where residents had refused to give consent to Base Titanium Mining Company for the exercise to take place on their pieces of land.

Speaking to journalists during an interview Ali Masemo, the company’s government and community relations superintendent said Zigira, Magaoni, Masindeni and Majikuku villagers had initially refused to offer their land for mining but they changed their mind.

“We earlier had a challenge with the 4 villages but now we are glad that that through dialogue they have given us their consent and currently exploration has entered the second phase in all the four villages,” Masemo said. Masemo also said that they are currently examining the amount of minerals in the villages.
“We have a capacity building programme for the villagers on each and every activity we conduct during the exploration exercise we want the villagers to be aware on every step we make on their pieces of land,” he said.

Masemo noted that earlier the community had lamented that they were not being involved on whatever activities are being done on their land hence the company considered involving them fully throughout the process.

“On the villages that we did not get minerals we also informed the villagers and those that we get minerals we inform them that minerals have been detected on their land,” he said.

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