Top KCSE girl flew to school from Kapenguria

Friday, December 20th, 2019 17:00 | By
Long’al Chepengat Maureen.

A top Kenya Certificate of Secondary of Education (KCSE) 2019 candidate used to fly to school.

 Long’al Chepengat Maureen literally passed with flying colours and was ranked position 7 nationally with 86.9 points.

Speaking to People Daily, Long’al revealed that his father was conscious of her welfare and wanted to make her comfortable while in school.

Long’al, who hails from Makutano village in Kapenguria constituency; West Pokot county, attended Alliance Girls High School.  She also topped Alliance Girls class of 2019 which had 397 candidates.

“The distance from our home to school was too long which could take days to reach the school hence my dad sacrificed to see me fly for only 45 minutes,” she revealed.

The distance from West Pokot to Nairobi is approximate 360 kilometres.“Due to my parents sacrifice, I have conquered the adversity of coming from a little known village which is usually associated with cattle rustling, inter-tribal clashes, drought among other negative perception,” she said.

Asked how many times she flew to school and back home, Long’al giggled briefly before stating it was almost four times.

Long’al points out that her father is a Personal Assistant to Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter and her mother a business lady.

“My parents gave their all by giving the privilege of sometimes flying to school and though my stellar performance has repaid their effort, there is more to come,” she promised.

She expressed her gratitude to God and the immense support of her teachers, parents and other stakeholders.  

“I would want to study Chemical Engineering or Nuclear Science,” she said. To attain her dream, Long’al wishes to study in the United States at Massachusetts Institute of Technology or Trent University in Canada.

Alliance Girls Principal Virginia Gitonga meanwhile describes the class of 2019 as warriors pointing that they have maintained the school consistence at the top. 

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