TSC issues guidelines on teacher transfers

Thursday, April 7th, 2022 05:00 | By
TSC Secretary Nancy Macharia. PHOTO/File
TSC Secretary Nancy Macharia. PHOTO/PD/File

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has directed its Regional Directors to submit a detailed report on school staffing status by May 9.

TSC Secretary Nancy Macharia said staff balancing in schools, sub-counties and counties should commence immediately. The exercise will see some teachers transferred from their current stations.

She said that all newly recruited teachers will henceforth be posted to schools and areas with higher shortages.

“The process of staffing of schools is guided by staffing norms whose key objective is to achieve the optimal utilisation of teachers and in so doing, reduce disparities in teacher distribution,” said Macharia in a circular to Regional Directors.

The Regional Directors are expected to work with County Directors to ensure the rationalisation exercise achieves equitable redistribution.

Macharia said that despite the Commission’s efforts to address teacher deficit, the challenge has been compounded by irregular distribution thus creating an imbalance.

“The teacher staffing imbalance continues to limit the initiative towards equitable distribution of teaching resource. If unchecked, this will adversely impact learning outcomes in learning institutions,” she said.

One of the factors to consider in the transfers is the age of the teacher. TSC has directed that teachers aged 56 and above will be exempt.

A teacher’s health status will also be a key consideration, with those suffering from terminal illnesses spared.

“The committee will, however, evaluate each case on its own merit taking into consideration the supporting medical documents, the availability and accessibility to the appropriate medical facilities among other factors in the proposed station,” said Macharia.

Teachers with disabilities and with necessary certification will also not be affected by the  transfers.

“When transferring teachers, priority will be given to schools within the sub-county and within the targeted shortage before transferring out of the sub-county,” she said.

On family, the employer said transfer of couples employed by TSC, and have declared their marital status, should be to the same neighbourhood where possible.

The length of stay in a station since first appointment will also be a key consideration.

The teacher must have served in a station for a period not less than three years and five years for North Eastern and other areas respectively since first appointment unless otherwise authorised by the Commission.

Priority will also be given to teachers who have applied for transfer. In cases where teachers meet the criteria for transfer, the Commission will consider “first in, first out” factor, gender balance where applicable and teacher’s security.

“Transfer of teachers will be carried out during the school holidays to ensure stability and smooth running of the school programme except for emergencies,” Macharia directed.

Last week, the TSC boss said the transfers would have a human face and must be discussed with all relevant offices to ensure equity for all learners.

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