Twaha joins Nyamweya in pulling out of FKF elections, calling them sham

Thursday, August 27th, 2020 17:06 | By
Twaha Mbarak.

Twaha Mbarak yesterday became the second presidential hopeful to pull out of the forthcoming Football Kenya Federation (FKF) elections, a day after former boss Sam Nyamweya also termed the exercise as a sham, three days before aspirants for the national positions present their nomination papers to the Electoral Board.

“I wish to state in no certain terms that I will not participate in this flawed exercise disguised as an election and call on all my supporters to boycott the sham process until we have a process that can guarantee a credible electoral exercise for the good of our game,” Mbarak said.

He added: “The conduct of the FKF Electoral Board over the last two weeks has finally confirmed our worst fears that this was never the independent body for purposes of conducting free and fair elections.”

Mbarak said the voter register verification exercise was shambolic, saying that the published final register was an exclusionary plan to rig the results in favour of specific persons.

“Having concluded the first phase of this coronation conspiracy, the board has now moved to the second phase which is the mere public relations gimmick of opening up the ground for aspirants in their final quest to justify an illegal process,” Mbarak said.

He added: “Well-meaning Kenyans must reject this preposterous projection that everybody is welcome to contest the election when it is evident that with an already manipulated register, anyone not party to the rigging cartel is destined to lose.

The rule of law must be followed and that is why we remain committed to full compliance to ruling in Sports Disputes Tribunal 3 and 5 (consolidated), delivered on March 17, 2020.”

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