Tyc**n, nephew battle control of Manchester Outfitters

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The Managing Director of Manchester Outfitters Ltd is fighting attempts by his uncle to remove him from the company’s leadership.

Pravin Galot yesterday told High Court Judges John Mativo, Grace Ngenye and Lilian Mutende that he has never stepped down from the MD post as claimed by his uncle, Mohan Galot.

Mohan, the founder of London Distillers, who has sued his nephew Pravin, is also locked in several legal battles with his other relatives for control of the multi-billion shilling estate.

The businessman sued Pravin who he accused of defrauding him of Sh2 billion using Manchester Outfitters (K) Ltd, which he claims he also owns.

In 2007, Mohan claimed his nephew is not a director or shareholder of the company, leading to a court battle.

While testifying before a three-judge Bench, Pravin said he owns the company and has majority shares of 349 followed by his brother Rajesh Galot with 349 while the company itself owns 700 shares.

He told the court that Mohan, his father’s younger brother, owns one share in the disputed property.

“The issue before this court is about shareholding in the company. I am still the MD having been appointed on October 1,1991 by the Board of Directors and the appointment letter was signed by Mohan, who has not disputed the same,” said Pravin.

He further denied allegations of attempting to overthrow his uncle from control of the company, saying he has never at any time been stripped of the position as the MD by the Board of Directors as required.

The billionaire, in his evidence-in-chief, led by lawyer John Were, further told the judges that he was unable to complete his degree in USA after Mohan failed to pay his school fees.

“I left USA to Kenya in September 1991 as I had issues with school fees. Because of the arrears I could not complete my studies,” Pravin informed the court.

While accusing his uncle of failing to pay his fees, Pravin produced several letters between him and Mohan pleading to have him pay for his fees even after his father had ordered him.

Pravin denied the claims that Mohan is the one who appointed him as the MD of the company.

Manchester Outfitters is garment company renown for supply of police uniforms.

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