UDA leaders barred from holding rally in Trans Nzoia for lack of permit

Sunday, January 16th, 2022 16:58 | By
'We are not of the same level'-Gachagua angrily tells off Kanini Kega
Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua. PHOTO/File

United Democratic Alliance UDA members of Parliament were on Sunday barred from holding a public meeting in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County.

The four MPs, Rigathi Gachagua of Mathira, Jane Kihara of Naivasha, Alice of Kandara and Kimani Ngunjiri were scheduled to have a meeting with the Kikuyu community leaders in Trans Nzoia.

Kwanza Sub County Police Commander James Odero said the four were not allowed to hold the meeting because they did not have a permit.

"These leaders did not notify us that they were going to have a meeting and that is why their meeting aborted. I have talked to them and they have agreed to notify us in the future" Odero said.

Addressing the press, Alice Wahome accused Trans Nzoia County Commissioner and former Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya of issuing orders to bar them from holding a peaceful meeting.

"We are told Natembeya and this county commissioner I'm told he's called Ojwang' issued orders to prevent us from holding our meeting. This is an express violation of freedom of association as guaranteed by the bill of rights in our Constitution" Wahome said.

Wahome said the government is determined to stifle democracy and is determined to abuse human rights and take the country back to dictatorial regimes.

"These are innocent Kenyans, why should you deny them their right of talking with their leaders. We respect our President Uhuru Kenyatta but we ask him to finish his term and go. We abhor the manner in which our government is behaving" she added

Rigathi Gachagua said blocking them from holding their meeting are schemes meant to reduce Deputy President William Ruto's influence in the country ahead of the August 9 elections.

"Using police will not make Raila the President, it has been tried before but it failed. It is very unfortunate that the government is using police to force a project by the name Raila Odinga to the people of Kenya" Gachagua said.

He pointed an accusing finger at Defence Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa and George for orchestrating blockage of their meeting.

"Natembeya cannot have his cake and eat it. He cannot purport to have resigned while at the same time wanting to be the Governor of Trans Nzoia County. The good thing is that neither police nor teargas will be on the ballot, these people already know who they will vote for" he added.

Kimani Ngunjiri said the act is an act of abuse of power by state agencies being manipulated by some powerful individuals.

"We thought we are living in a democratic country where there is respect for the rule of law. However, we are perturbed that some Harambe house prefects are acting and behaving contrary, this will come to an end very soon" Ngunjiri said.

On her part, Jane Kihara called on all communities living in Rift Valley to maintain peace and to shun divisive politics for sake of the development and prosperity of Kenya.

"We know their plans are to provoke us but, we shall not fall into their trap. As a peace-loving leader, I am asking you to be peaceful because politics will come and go" she said.

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