Ugenya Member terms Parliament a house for deal-vending

Thursday, July 9th, 2020 00:00 | By
Ugenya Member of Parliament David Ochieng. PHOTO/File

Ugenya Member of Parliament David Ochieng has accused some legislators of turning Parliament into a den of business deals where members jostle for positions for monetary gains.

The outspoken MP who withered the Orange Party storm in Luo Nyanza to be elected on a Movement for Democracy and Growth party claims that Parliament has been ‘captured’ by personal business oriented individuals who have no interest for the people they represent. 

“We have a motley collection of profiteers, deal-makers and businessmen in the House. Parliament has become opaque and what worries me most is that most Honourable Members have been turned into voting machines,” he charged.

He was speaking at Jumuia Conference and Country Home in Limuru in a consortium convened by civil society groups, human rights crusaders and social justice movements to celebrate Saba Saba day on Tuesday. 

Also in attendance were Narc Kenya Party leader Martha Karua, economist David Ndii, rights activist John Githongo and a host of other movements from across the country.

They  observed that the there is no need of amending the Constitution but, instead, the current one should be implemented to the letter.

“We should take cognizance of the fact that historically, the Constitution amendment has been used to entrench dictatorship and despondency by the leadership,”  a statement, jointly signed by the parties.

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