Uhuru brokers truce among three AIPCA archbishops ending long-term church leadership wrangle

Saturday, April 16th, 2022 03:08 | By
PHOTO/State House/Facebook

Three archbishops from the African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa who have been engaged in leadership wrangles for a couple of years have finally agreed to set aside their differences and work together.

The three, Fredrick Wang’ombe, Samson Muthuri and Julius Njoroge shared one platform today in Kandara during the holy oil celebrations held at AIPCA Gakarara, an occasion which was graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The trio have been through intense dialogue to bring them together after their split more than five years ago.

The president has been at the centre of the negotiations and has been making frantic efforts to have the leaders unite and work together.

Muthuri, who was presiding over the ceremony, said they will jealously guard the newfound union among them and they won’t allow anyone to divide them again.

He said it has taken a lot of effort to reconcile them and they would not want it to go down the drain.

He also proposed for amendment to the church’s constitution so as to seal the loopholes which saw the leadership split and the church divided.

“I am proposing we rewrite our constitution and ensure all the loose ends have been addressed so that we don’t slide back into anarchy,” he said.

Njoroge on his part said they shall work together to rebuild the church as it has adversely been affected by the wrangles.

“Today marks the end of the conflict in the leadership of this church and we are bringing down the wall we had built against each other,” he said.

Njoroge lauded the president for taking the initiative to reconcile them saying that were it not for him unity would not have been achieved.

“The journey is not over yet, we shall require your help to get back on our feet” he added.

The president on his part lauded the three for setting aside their differences and urged them to ensure they retain their unity.

“For years, you could not see each other eye to eye but I am happy that you have reconciled and agreed to work together,” he said.

“Through this unity, you are going to watch the church grow and go to greater heights and this shall be our joy” added Uhuru.

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