Use new technology to create jobs, Konza top official urges Kenyans

Monday, January 24th, 2022 01:00 | By
Konza complex.. Photo/PD/JOSEPH MAINA

Kenyans have been challenged to shake off the Covid-19 pandemic murk by taking advantage of the accelerated adoption of technology, to bolster innovation and employment opportunities.

Konza Technopolis Development Authority (KOTD) chief manager in charge of business development Stella Muhoro said the new normal, post Covid-19, has proved that there is immense opportunity in technology and innovation that the youth can tap into.

“Every cloud has a silver lining and the dark cloud that was Covid-19 came with the silver lining of technology. We have seen for ourselves how technology became a game-changer during the pandemic. We always say that technology is an enabler and we intend to bring progress and open up opportunities to Kenyans through proper utilisation of technology,” Muhoro said.

She spoke during the launch of Pwani Innovation Week (PIW), which is aimed at leveraging on opportunities created by the pandemic to create a better future.

The PIW, scheduled to take place in two months time, will be sponsored by Swahilipot Hub Foundation, Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCC&I), Mombasa County ICT department among other partners.

Among the activities lined up for the event include hackathons, people coming together to write or improve computer programmes, training boot camps, networking sessions and gala dinner, keynote speeches and presentations, panel discussions, tech kids expo among other events.
Create solutions

Addressing the press at the launch, Swahilipot Hub founder Mahmoud Noor said the event will create a platform for innovative youth alongside innovation experts to engage, discuss and explore how innovation can create solutions to various problems in the society and at the same time open up employment opportunities.

“We believe that for most of our youth to get gainful employment, they must strive to find ways of creating employment for themselves and others because the opportunities in government are limited and shrinking. But the future lies in youth innovation and employment. In this Pwani Innovation Week, we will offer opportunities for youth to meet various experts in innovation, who will help them scale up the ladder in their innovations,” Noor told journalists at the launch.

Swahilipot Hub spokesperson Zuhra Sharrif said the key objective of the event is to provide innovators, startups and established businesses addressing challenges affecting communities in the Coast, the opportunity to showcase their work.

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