University don lauds CBC as the best in 21st century

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University don lauds CBC as the best in 21st century
Professor Charles Otieno Ong’ondo, speaking at Lugari Training Teachers College TTC when he graced the graduation ceremony at the College, Saturday, November 25,2022.

The Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) education system is fully developed to match with necessary requirements needed in the job market together with solving 21st Century challenges, Moi University don Professor Charles Otieno Ong’ondo has said.

Prof Ong’ondo said research was done comparing the Kenyan education system with the rest of the world and it was discovered that 8.4.4 system did not have competencies to solve challenges facing the world today.

According to him, Kenya was the only country in the world which kept children in primary school for eight years while not providing pathways early enough displayed by the learners.

Ong’ondo believes Junior Secondary School will offer a broad-based approach where children in ages 14-15 can associate themselves in areas where their interests are found.

He said challenges facing CBC at the moment are not about content but only some logistics and how to make it affordable to parents.

Digital literacy

Prof Ong’ondo who also from 2019 has been a member of the Kenya National Taskforce on Access, Relevance, Transition, Equity and Quality for Effective Curriculum Reforms Implementation added that CBC emphasizes on values that can stop rising cases of suicide in the country.

“CBC has communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving, learning to learn, creativity, citizenship and digital literacy,” Ong’ondo said while emphasizing that the mentioned areas are the basis for solving 21st Century challenges.

Ong’ondo, who was speaking when he graced the graduation ceremony at Lugari Training Teachers College on Saturday, also challenged diploma graduates to continue having a desire to advance in their education at university level.

“Your qualification today should also lead you to have a desire to advance in your education,” he said.

The don also challenged parents and guardians to continue supporting their children who would wish to advance to the next level of education after they graduate.

Lugari Teachers Training C ollege principal Ann Eses thanked the government for its continued support to the college.

Eses said the college will continue tailoring its training to match with the current curriculum with more emphasis on digital literacy which is key in the 21st Century.

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