Wahome sticks to her guns, vows not to apologise for criticising Uhuru

Monday, January 6th, 2020 15:01 | By
Kandara MP Alice Wahome.

Kandara Member of Parliament (MP) Alice Wahome has told off her critics who have been attacking her over the remarks about President Uhuru Kenyatta she made last week.

The MP said she was directing her remarks to the President who is the head of state and not any other leader.

She said she is not ready to engage anyone on the matter adding that her critics should first internalize the massage before making any comment on it.

"I don't think those who are quick to attack me took time to analyse my message and have no idea about what they are talking about," she remarked.

Speaking during a TV talk show Monday morning, Wahome referred to those who have been attacking her as political sycophants who are out to please their 'master'.

She said her colleagues, who have been accusing her of disrespecting the President, are giving a blind eye to the issues she has raised in her statement.

"I am a leader who was elected by the people and I am speaking on their behalf to raise the issues which are hurting them because things are not well on the ground," said Wahome.

The legislator said her statement was by no means meant to demean the President but to make him see the reality.

"I acknowledge the President as the head of state and I accord him the respect he deserves but this does not mean that I can't speak my mind," she said.

She maintained her ground that Uhuru, who is that the helm of the country's leadership, is to blame for all the hardships being experienced in the country.

"Those who are saying I have been paid to taint the image of the President should verify their claims by bringing out the evidence," she said.

Several leaders have been attacking the MP over the remarks in which she said the President is killing the democracy and economy of Kenya.

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