Wamatangi extends olive branch to Thang’wa truce call

Friday, September 15th, 2023 02:14 | By
Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi. PHOTO/Facebook

Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi has extended an olive branch to all elected leaders in the county asking them to unite and work as a team for the sake of development.

 His call comes a day after area Senator Karungo Thang’wa revealed he had convened a reconciliation meeting between the governor and Members of County Assembly (MCAs) which will also be attended by all MPs from the county.

 Calling for restraints, love and unity among leaders, Wamatangi said that persistent standoffs among leaders had exposed the county to public ridicule and overshadowed numerous development activities which have been achieved in the area.

 “As leaders, let’s display unity of purpose and love just like President William Ruto has shown and displayed love in us. If we don’t unite and work as a team, the President will look for other friends and leave us squabbling,” he said.

 He however intimated he will continue to be unshakeable and in matters fighting corruption and land grabbing.

 The governor who served as the area  senator for two terms at the same  time  reiterated that corruption cartels are busy discrediting his administration hoping to derail his fight against corruption.

 He said that corrupt individuals in the  previous regimes are fighting him and erecting hurdles within  his  government in order for it to look retrogressive.

 Flanked by his deputy Maryann Kirika and a host of MCAs, Wamatangi said no amount of noise and distraction will deter  him from sealing all corruption loopholes in every  department of his administration.

 “My detractors who are beneficiaries of graft have been burning the midnight oil planning how to fight my government after I declared  zero tolerance on corruption which had threatened to stifle general development in Kiambu,” he said.

 He said  that  the  corruption  phenomenon  had diverted the county’s much  needed  funds  earmarked for health care,  education  agriculture and infrastructure.

 “It should dawn on them that I made constructive noise for 10 years when I was Kiambu senator. Their destructive noise  won’t stop me from returning the county back  on track and I want  to  assure  the  general public that Iwon’t disappoint them,” he said.

 There has been sharp differences between Wamatangi and MCAs or the better part of last year with the civic leaders accusing him of interfering with the affairs of the Assembly.   They have also been accusing him of running the county like a private enterprise.

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