Kiambu: Wamatangi puts medics s******g medicine on notice

Saturday, February 4th, 2023 07:35 | By
Wamatangi alleges threats to his life by graft cartels
Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi. PHOTO/File

Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi has warned medics in the area against stealing drugs stocked in government hospital pharmacies terming the same as both inhuman and a crime against humanity. 

The governor said his administration had launched investigations to establish health centers whose administrators are allegedly conspiring with pharmacists to steal drugs and then sell the same to private chemists and hospitals.

The governor told health personnel working in the county to choose between working for the county government and establishing private health facilities. 

Speaking to People Daily Digital via the phone, Wamatangi said that it is sad to learn that his administration is doing everything possible to ensure that all health centers are fully stocked with medicine only for some greedy, insensitive, and unscrupulous medics to sell the same.

"If you are one such character, you better pack up and go in earnest before the full force of the law catches up with you. Your days are numbered," he said.

He said that his administration has invested heavily in preventive and curative healthcare provision noting that all citizens must enjoy their rights to quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare services. 

Wamatangi on UHC

Wamatangi said that the recently rolled out Universal Health Care (UHC) program will see the county undertake a massive registration for NHIF targeting all vulnerable families in the county. 

"The county government will pay the required charges for the less privileged members of the society in order to ensure that they too enjoy good healthcare services," he noted. 

He added: "We want to ensure that everyone in Kiambu will have access to quality healthcare irrespective of their financial status. It's worth noting that  good health is key to development."

He said that stocking government hospitals' pharmacies will henceforth be a continuous process with respective health facilities immediately placing orders for medicines that are out of stock. 

A spot check by People Daily Digital in various hospitals such as Tigoni, Kihara, Limuru, and Kirenga established indeed there are no essential drugs with patients being forced to acquire the same from private outlets.

"I came here to get treatment but was only given paracetamols and told to go look for my other prescriptions elsewhere," one John Mwangi said at Tigoni hospital. 

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