Water, health my priorities, declares new Wajir governor

Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 00:00 | By
Justice Said Chitembwe guiding Wajir Deputy Governor Ahmed Ali Muktar to take oath of office at Wajir County headquarters in 2021 Photo/Courtesy

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Wajir Deputy Governor Ahmed Ali Muktar was yesterday sworn in as governor following the impeachment of his former boss Mohamed Abdi Mahmoud on Monday.

Muktar’s swearing-in came hours after Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka gazetted the impeachment of former county boss Mohamed Abdi Mohamud on Monday night.

The swearing-in ceremony, which took place at the Wajir County headquarters under tight security, went on despite a court order obtained by the immediate former governor stopping the exercise.

The order, issued by Justice P J Otieno read thus: “That pending the hearing and determination of this application inter partes, this honourable court be pleased to grant a conservatory order restraining the 2nd interested party herein from taking the oath of office of Governor of Wajir county pursuant to the 6th respondent’s resolution passed on May 17,  2021 and vide gazette notice published on May 17,  2021.”

Guests were already seated by noon and were eagerly waiting for the ceremony to kick off.

At 12.49pm, Muktar was handed his certificate by appellate Judge Said Chitembwe as the residents broke into song and dance.

In his speech, Muktar said he will prioritise water, health and education sectors in his administration.

“My swearing in today is a turning point for service delivery to the people of Wajir county,” Muktar said, adding that he was aware of the heavy responsibility bestowed on him.

“This responsibility calls for total dedication and commitment to the tenets of good leadership as espoused in Chapter Six of the Constitution,” he added.

Uphold unity 

Muktar said it was an open secret that Wajir residents were craving for good leadership, governance and efficient service delivery. 

“The expectations of the public are enormous but we shall endeavour to meet them, I implore the County Public Service Board (CPS) to take their duties seriously and be at their workplaces as expected,” he noted.

He directed the County Secretary Abdullahi Maalim to supervise the County Public Service Board and ensure all county functions are well attended to.

While appealing to the residents to back his new administration, Muktar promised to strengthen the bond of unity and co-existence among residents.

Besides, he vowed to eradicate hate, nepotism and skewed resource allocation that characterised the previous government. 

“I appeal to all leaders and residents to support my government to strengthen the historical bond,” the governor said, promising to convene a leaders meeting as soon as possible.

He said he will restore the deteriorating health sector that sunk the ousted governor, including addressing the healthcare workers strike that  has paralysed services

“I envisage to meet the health union officials and the management of the department to identify sticky issues with a view to addressing them,” he said.

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