Water project will end conflict on Turkana-West Pokot border – official

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023 07:30 | By
KVDA Managing Director Sammy Naporos
KVDA Managing Director Sammy Naporos. PHOTO/Print

The government has started the rehabilitation of a water pan at Cheparkule grazing land in Masol Ward, West Pokot County with the aim of ending conflicts along the West Pokot and Turkana boundary.

For years, the region has not known peace due to water shortages and limited pasture, leading to inter-communal conflicts.

Pastoralists in the area have been moving with their livestock to the neighbouring Turkana county and Uganda in search of water and pasture for their livestock during drought.

The Cheparkule water pan that was constructed during colonial times has not been having water for livestock and domestic use and will now cushion residents and their livestock from the perennial drought.

Area residents yesterday thanked the government for the initiative which they said will reduce conflicts in the region.

“We have been moving to Kadengo’i, Amolem and Kainuk to look for water. Water shortage has been contributing to cattle rustling and banditry in this region,” said John Loposiwa, a resident.

Loposiwa said the project which is being implemented by Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA) will transform their lives.

According to KVDA Managing Director Sammy Naporos, the water pan that will be refurbished at cost of Sh20 million will be expanded to hold 35,000 cubic metres of water.

“We shall also set up peace dams which are key to eradicating conflicts that arise due to the scramble for the commodity and make people settle in the arid regions. This will help end hostilities among the three neighbouring communities,” said Naporos (pictured).

He said that the water pan will boost peace in the region since initially residents used to clash owing to the scramble for water and pasture for their livestock.

The official said the water pan is   estimated to serve more than 3,000 households and 10,000 animals in the region.

 “The water pan already has water after a few weeks of rain. We will no longer have conflicts and clashes because of resource based and water scarcity,” said Naporos.

He said that the Government is doing 15 water utilities, 10 boreholes and five dams and other water projects at a cost of Sh700 million this financial year in West Pokot County. 

“We want to end competition over shared resources. As an authority, we will ensure that there are enough resources to shun conflicts brought about by competition of resources,” said Naporos.

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