We must eradicate graft to prosper, says Raila

Thursday, November 18th, 2021 00:00 | By
Leaders from Marsabit County wrap ODM leader Raila Odinga with a traditional attire at the party headquarters in Nairobi where he hosted them. Photo/PD/john ochieng

ODM leader Raila yesterday said that corruption is the biggest scourge facing the country and must be eradicated if the country is to prosper.

Speaking when he met delegates from Marsabit County at Chungwa House yesterday, Raila said that when a corruption suspect is arrested and taken to court, a battery of lawyers throng the courts to defend them.

 “We are condoning corruption and the corrupt are getting away with stolen funds. The nation can never prosper. People steal public funds and give it to youth groups, women groups, boda boda riders and churches,” he said.

He added: “He is walking with lots of money moving from one corner of the country to another. Nobody is asking where the source of the fund is. If Kenyans cannot stand up and say no to corruption and call a thief a thief, we will never prosper as a country.” 

Raila said if he succeeds President Uhuru Kenyatta, his administration would prioritise the expansion of the Lamu Port-South Sudan Ethiopia Transport Corridor project and ensure that there is a railway line that connects Lamu and Addis Ababa.

“We intend to construct a railway line from Lamu to Ethiopia through Isiolo and Marsabit. The line will also pass through Turkana to Juba. We intend to link Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean on the West. This is a project that will create meaningful jobs to the people,” said Raila.

Raila recalled how a delegation from Marsabit, walked from Moyale to his office when he was the Prime Minister during the Grand Coalition government, saying their petition led to the construction of the Isiolo-Marsabit-Moyale road.

“They used to take one week from Marsabit to Mombasa. But because of their sacrifices, we heard their plea and constructed the Isiolo-Marsabit-Moyale Road,” he said.

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