We will not announce politicians’ contribution in church – Ole Sapit

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 10:38 | By
Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit. Photo/File

Anglican Church Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has said they are not going to announce contributions by politicians in their churches.

Sapit also maintained that no politician will be allowed to speak in the pulpit saying it is a preserve of the religious leaders.

"We should not give politicians time to speak in church in exchange for what they give," the Archbishop said, adding that is what happens in other countries.

He further said he was concerned about the heightened political activities in churches after rallies were banned.

"There is heightened political participation in the church. Every Sunday, we see politicians attend various church services and we hear what they say not what is preached by religious leaders. I made communication to my bishops to stop politicians from the pulpit," he added.

Sapit, who spoke on Citizen TV on Monday night, said the decision only affects Anglican churches.

"For the Anglican Church of Kenya, we are in agreement that there will be no politicians on the pulpit. I do not know about other churches," he clarified.

Sapit, however, said he has not banned any politician from attending church services.

"I did not ban anybody from coming to church. What I said is that we will not allow politicking in the church. People come to church to hear the word of God and that is the message they should go home with, not the political message," he said.

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