We’ve sealed corruption loopholes, says Wamatangi

Wednesday, August 9th, 2023 03:00 | By
Governor Kimani Wamatangi addressing the public. PHOTO/Print
Governor Kimani Wamatangi addressing the public. PHOTO/Print

Kiambu Governor Kimani Wamatangi has said his administration’s austerity measures and taming of the theft of public resources had yielded results, leading to the reduction in pending bills.

Speaking at the county headquarters, Wamatangi said his administration had reduced the county’s debts from Sh7 billion to Sh5 billion. His government, he added, will spend Sh2 billion annually to pay pending bills.

“We now have money both for development and payment of pending bills. We are paying contractors and suppliers within two weeks. This has been made possible by the stringent measures that I put in place when I assumed office,” he said.

When he was sworn in, Wamatangi banned international and local trips for staff and directed that all activities would be carried out at the headquarters.

“I put up a large tent right here at the  county headquarters grounds and called  it ‘Naivasha’ where members  of the executive  hold their meetings instead of travelling to Naivasha  and other  posh hotels  to meet at  the expense  of tax payers monies,” he said adding that during meetings, officials are served tea and snacks, cooked at the staff kitchen.

The Governor, who served as the area senator for two terms, said corruption cartels were busy discrediting his administration to derail the fight against corruption.

Wamatangi (pictured) said no amount  distraction would deter  him  from sealing graft loopholes.
“My detractors who were beneficiaries  of graft have been burning the midnight oil planning how to fight my government after I declared zero tolerance to corruption,” he said.

He said corruption had been used to diverted funds earmarked for health care, education agriculture and infrastructure.

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