Wife with three kids vs wife with two kids: Men peacefully swap wives in Busia

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 17:27 | By
Two Busia men swap wives. PHOTO: Courtesy

Two middle-aged men from Mugatsi Market in Nambale Constituency, Busia County, have mutually agreed to exchange their wives.

One identified as Josh Oduor and another known as Sakis are said to have agreed to exchange their wives in peace after the latter first married the former's wife.

According to Oduor, he had heard of his wife having an extra-marital affair with Sakis, who is a Boda Boda rider, but he was yet to prove so.

He says he was shocked to learn that his wife had gotten married to a Boda Boda rider yet he left his homestead with their three children saying she was heading to her parent’s home.

 Oduor says he stormed Sakis home and found his wife and three children there and upon inquiry, she informed him that she had chosen the Boda Boda rider for a husband.

In retaliation, Oduor lured Sakis wife who had gone back to her parent's home and convinced her to get married to him.

The lady agreed to get married to Oduor and the two are said to have informed the police of their union.

“I went to the Boda Boda rider’s home and found my wife washing utensils among other house chores. I asked her what she was doing there and she told me she had chosen to get married to the Boda Boda guy.  I chose to trace the former wife of the Boda Boda rider and seduced her. We have agreed to marry and we even went to the police to inform them of our choices,” Oduor said.

He added that he is going to make ensure that her new wife, who has two children from her previous marriage, gives birth to the third child immediately since he was used to having three children in his house.

“My new wife adopted a 3-month family planning method. It is almost expiring and I am going to make sure she becomes pregnant immediately. The one who took my former wife will have to wait longer because she had adopted a 5-year family planning method,” Oduor added.

Sakis on his part told K24 Digital: " Whatever has happened has happened. I now have a new wife."

Nambale sub-county OCPD Walter Abondo said the matter is yet to reach his desk.

"The incident might have happened but has not reached my desk. I handle it once I get it," he said.

Area residents have lauded the two for solving their differences amicably.

According to some who spoke to K24 Digital, Oduor had earlier planned to attack Sakis but chose otherwise.

” The man has really worked hard to take care of his wife. It is very painful but is good that they have agreed to solve differences because he was even walking with a knife so that he can attack the Boda Boda rider. We would wish they continue living in peace now that they solved the matter wisely,” one of the residents told K24 Digital.

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